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Why Every Spray Foam Insulation Business Needs a Custom Spray Foam Rig


So you’re considering buying a new spray foam rig! Maybe, you wish to jump-start in the foam spraying business. Maybe, you want to explore your options and would like to know more before buying a better, efficient rig. No matter the reason, there are rigs to suit your budget and expertise. While that offers accessibility to a wide variety, it makes the choice daunting and cumbersome. You ought to have detailed info about the spray foam insulation rig and its types. If you’re serious about picking the best rig, here’s everything you need to know about Spray Foam Rigs & Equipment.

What is a spray foam rig?

Spray foam is essentially a chemical product made by two materials polyol resin and isocyanate. The two products when mixed react and expand up to about 30 to 60 times its volume after sprayed on the place or item. Such an expansion becomes useful as specialty packing that forms to the product’s shape being packaged and generates a higher thermal insulation value with no air infiltration. A spray foam rig is a device/equipment used for spraying the chemical product on the item or place.

Uses of a spray foam rig

Spray foam insulation rigs have varied applications. They’re used in manufacturing as well as other commercial sectors. Some of their common uses are detailed below.

Packaging applications

Spray foams are specialized packing materials, required for usage in shipping fragile items of high value. Cutting-edge principles are applied to offer protection to vases, lamp bases, large fossils, computers, busts, furniture, and other items. Spray foam (in its expanded form) efficiently safeguards any weight, form, and size. The customized fit of the mold, bottom and top, uniformly, securely cushions the item.

Building applications

Besides packaging in various manufacturing and logistics fields, spray foam is also used in building applications. Back then, fiberglass was used as an effective insulation method. However, the techniques of the spray foam rig have evolved with time. Today, you can use better and improved materials such as spray polyurethane foam. Also, traditional rigs are no longer preferred. The spraying technique has also undergone drastic transformations. With improved spray rigs, you can easily insulate large buildings efficiently, quickly.

In the construction sector, concrete slabs and roof tiles are mostly insulated using spray foam insulation rigs. A mix of two components comes at the gun’s tip and makes an expanding form on the place where it’s sprayed. Even wall cavities are sprayed with the foam mixture. Insulating rigs are also used to minimize air infiltration within the room.

Other uses

Insulation rigs are used in manufacturing units too. This is even more correct if the product carries a high value but is fragile by nature. Chandeliers and sculptures are a special mention in this respect. Also, laptops and other computing equipment are sprayed using an insulating rig to render better protection during handling and transportation until the product is delivered to end-users. Not just that, research is underway to expand the horizons of foam rigs to many other sectors such as sports and agriculture.

Spray foam rig types

Now that you know what foam insulation rigs are and their uses, you’d want to know their various types. Getting familiar with the wide range of options will let you weigh the pros and cons of each rig type. On top of that, it’ll let you make an ideal selection. Here are the different types of insulation rigs for foam spraying.

Towable trailers

Most of the foam rigs come mounted on trailers. They’re ideal for heavy-duty work, especially in the construction sector. Here, you pull the trailer via a truck, pickup, or other vehicles. The cost and the size of the spray foam rig largely depend on the individual components and design of the setup. In most cases, larger projects require a spray rig particularly designed for big, high-volume operations.

Box trucks

Not all spray foam jobs are heavy-duty work. This is more so in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. A small rig may serve the purpose. It’s here a box truck rig comes into the picture. Box trucks provide a speedy assembly for the job with an all-in-one purpose truck with the rig. The cost of renting such rigs is low.

If you target small projects, box trucks ought to be your obvious choice. A box truck with a rig is best suited for a small business that aims at residential-sized projects, including foam insulation for studs, crawl spaces, attics, and similar chores.

Compact units

Certain insulation tasks are relatively smaller. A high cost can keep you from getting smaller projects. To beat the competition and enjoy an edge over others, you need a device to win the desired customers. Compact units come as a boon for small ventures. These units are gaining huge popularity for very small projects.

They provide a more condensed device with a small footprint. These systems use versatile equipment that can serve multiple functions. Also, a compact spray foam rig takes up very little space. Plus, the cost of the project is extremely low. That gives you an edge over your competitors while targeting small projects of low value.

Custom made spray foam rigs

The needs of no two businesses are similar. Rather, the requirements of each venture vary from the other. In some cases, neither a compact unit will work nor will the towable truck deliver. What if you need a rig designed for your specific project types?

If this is the situation, you may need a custom made rig. Such a rig will accommodate any business type or project size. With versatile trailer sizes and custom specifications, customized rigs can let you carry out the spray foam job efficiently. However, you need to order a custom rig beforehand to enjoy its varied perks.

Benefits of buying a custom spray foam rig

So, how having an insulating rig can enhance your venture? Think of the rig as a transportable garage. You may store your spray machine, a compressor, generator, and a lot besides. Some of the popular benefits are detailed below.

Temperature control

A spray rig is usually a portable unit. It could take care of the temperature surrounding the machine and the materials you use. For instance, if you’ve a fixed storage unit, your machine and the chemicals have to bear the climatic conditions of the place. Certain conditions can affect the chemical composition of the materials. Also, freezing temperature levels can affect the working efficiency of the rig.

However, the portable spray foam rig lets you move your machine and other accessories wherever you like. You can cover the items securely and move them to a place with favorable climatic conditions. In this way, the portable rig controls the temperature and protects your equipment and materials from potential damages.

Convenience and safety

Most of the modern rigs offer the much-desired operating convenience. Gone are the days when insulating rigs were taller, heavy, difficult-to-operate machines. Modern rigs come as a compact unit on a towable or box truck. Plus, the customized option streamlines your work chores further.

You enjoy the convenience of having your equipment and chemical materials stored in a simple, accessible place. Additionally, modern rigs feature advanced safety options. Any instances of damages or injuries are rooted out. As a result, you can carry out your spraying chores with virtually no problems.

Minimum job setup time

Modern machines save your job setup time. The truth is the job setup time is non-existent with a compact spray foam rig. You could be up and running within a matter of minutes. Everything is already set up. This, in turn, helps you improve and enrich your bottom line and finish your job as quickly as possible.

Saves time

Traditional spraying devices take a lot of time for the job. Even a simple task takes a day to complete, forget about major tasks. However, advanced insulation rigs have changed the face of the spraying business. Modern rigs feature highly sophisticated compressors, generators, and spraying devices to get you going quickly. Using modern equipment, you can finish even bigger projects in less time period.


The modern business thrives on speed and efficiency. If you lag in any of these things, you’re out of the competition. A sophisticated spray foam rig is an efficient device that works faster. A faster operation helps you finish the task quickly and move on to other projects. Also, speed and efficiency reduce your cost. By offering your services at an optimum cost, you can surpass your competitors and register the much-desired success even in a highly competitive business.


The cost of running a spray foam insulating rig can be high. You need a storage place, the machine, and a lot besides. However, a portable unit slashes your cost substantially. First of all, you don’t need a bigger area. A small place is all that you need to keep your truck/vehicle. Plus, you can move your vehicle as you like, depending on the climatic conditions. If you add up the benefits, you save a big chunk of investment.

CMP Spray Systems can build you a custom spray foam insulation rig that will best suit your spray foam insulation business.  We offer financing to make it as easy as possible.  We also offer training, maintenance, service and repair.  Contact us for an quote on your new spray foam rig today!

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